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Welcome to Harwood Solicitors frequently asked questions page. Here we will try to answer some of the more popular legal questions we receive.

Does it matter that I don’t live in Blackburn?

No. Here at Harwood Solicitors, we offer a national legal service and handle legal matters for many people across Britain. Although we are based in Blackburn we have a team of legal advisers and solicitors that cater for the needs of the individual and they rank amongst the best in the country.

How much compensation will I be awarded?

It is difficult to put a precise amount on the money you will be awarded as the compensation packages differ in every case. However, you can rest assured that our solicitors are dedicated to making sure that you get the most out of your claim and that your interests come first.

Can I still make a claim if the personal injury didn’t happen recently?

Unfortunately there is a three year time limit for making a personal injury claim so if it occurred before this then you are not eligible. The claims process has to have begun within three years of the injury being recorded. If you were below the age of 18 when the incident happened then you have three years from your 18th birthday to make a claim. Conversely, claims which relate to industrial disease can be claimed retrospectively within 20 years of leaving the industry in question.

Is there a lot of paperwork to fill in?

Our experienced team ensure that the process is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. We make it easy for you by completing most of the related paperwork, leaving you with the documents that you have to fill in.

Will I have to go to court?

The majority of cases are generally settled outside of the courtroom and is usually more convenient for both parties involved. It is very rare for somebody making an accident claim to have to attend court.

Can I be dismissed from work by my employer if I make a claim against them?

Many people are afraid to make a claim against employers due to the fear of being dismissed, however it is illegal for an employer to dismiss an employee for making a personal injury claim. In addition, employers are usually protected by insurance that will pay out if such a circumstance occurs.

How long will the claims process take?

This varies from case to case so it is virtually impossible to predict. We strive nevertheless to make the process as pain-free and simple as possible for our clients, whilst also looking to attain the best results. Working with other parties and trying to negotiate a deal that is of benefit to our clients requires a lot of communicating and compromise so it can take a while before a deal is reached.

Will my injury claim be expensive?

We investigate all our cases thoroughly and ensure that any case we take forward has the best possible chance of reaching a positive outcome. We tell you how things are as clearly and precisely as possible and do not give you false hope by taking forward a claim we are not confident will succeed. Also we offer a no win, no fee policy that gives our clients peace of mind by knowing should their claim not win; they will not be out of pocket.

We hope you find these pages helpful however if your questions still have not been answered then do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.