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Harwood Solicitors has the specialist expertise that is required in terrorism cases.

We help our clients in a number of ways if they are investigated for terrorist activities. These include providing legal advice and representation when:

  • You have been arrested or detained in connection with an offence
  • Your premises are searched
  • You are suspected of encouraging or promoting terrorism
  • You are being prosecuted for terrorist activities allegedly committed outside the UK
  • Your assets are frozen or seized in connection with terrorism or money-laundering
  • You suspect that you are being unfairly targeted by the security services

At Harwood Solicitors we have the expertise to consider the complexities of the law and the knowledge and experience to apply it to your circumstances. A key feature of the team is its combination of civil and criminal practitioners with human rights law experience who can proactively advise and assist clients on all aspects of their cases.

If you have been falsely stopped and searched, detained without charge, accused of making hoax bomb threats, had assets frozen in conjunction with terrorism allegations, had extradition proceedings started or have been suspected or arrested for alleged terrorist activity Harwood Solicitors can help.

Whether you have been falsely accused of promoting terrorism within the UK or abroad your Human Rights should still be upheld.

Our expert team of solicitors are available on a 24 hour basis and can provide immediate legal advice and representation. For help call 01254 505090 or use our contact form at the top of the page and let one of our specialist Terrorist Solicitors help you out.