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Specialist Criminal Lawyers

Harwood Solicitors’ criminal defence lawyers are amongst the best in the country and undertake all types of criminal law matters from high profile cases to lesser crimes. Our hands-on, direct and progressive approach offers our clients the best chance of success. Our lawyers boast years of experience and a very high success rate and leave clients feeling confident of a positive outcome.

Our team of solicitors operate a 24 hour, 365 days a year, Criminal Defence Service for people who find themselves in difficult situations. We understand people from all walks of life can get caught up in with legal problems and we offer representation from assistance at Police Stations to Crown Court and even Appeal Courts. We aim to make sure your legal rights are maintained and that you are assisted through each carefully explained step.

Regardless of the allegation, whether it is serious or not so serious, we are here to defend you and attach the same level of importance to each case.

Our crime specialist areas include: