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Production of Controlled Drugs

This offence covers the cultivation and manufacturing of controlled drugs. You may incur a production charge if you were directly or indirectly involved with the production process. Indirect involvement, for example, would be letting out premises you own to someone and being aware that they are using it for the manufacturing of controlled substances. In order to be prosecuted of a production offence there would have to be evidence of the following:

  • That a controlled drug was produced;
  • That there was some link between you and the production process;
  • That you knew a controlled drug was being produced.

This offence merely covers the production of drugs; a separate charge of intent to supply will apply if you have been accused of production and possession with intent to supply. This charge can be imposed if the stage of production of the controlled substance is advanced enough to conclude the controlled substance is ready for distribution. Each case differs and it will be the circumstances of the case that will determine whether you are charged with production and possession with intent to supply.

The production and supplying of drugs are offences which are taken very seriously, so it’s important you seek professional legal advice and defence from one of our friendly drug offence solicitors if you’ve been accused. You can phone us on 01254 505090 or use our online contact form.