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Money Laundering Defence Solicitors

Many people incorrectly believe that money laundering is only associated with criminal offences such as drug dealing. The reality is that any organisation, business or individual can be investigated or prosecuted for money laundering if the authorities come across any seemingly dubious financial activities or links to those convicted of certain criminal offences.

The government and its various agencies have extremely wide ranging powers in dealing with suspected or alleged money laundering cases. These draconian powers allow for extremely debilitating restraints to be placed on assets, including bank accounts, even before anyone has been found guilty of anything or even formally charged with a criminal offence.

It is therefore vital to obtain specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

We have extensive experience in dealing with the numerous types of money laundering related investigations and proceedings brought by various agencies ranging in value from a few thousand to millions of pounds.

The main types of money laundering offences are:

  • Assisting in the retention of criminal property
  • Acquisition, possession or use of criminal property
  • Concealment or transfers to avoid prosecution or a confiscation order
  • Failing to disclose knowledge or suspicion of money laundering
  • Tipping off

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