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Child Law

Our Family Law Team is experienced in the concept and practice of orders under the Children Act 1989 as amended by the Children and Families Act 2014 and specialises in difficult cases concerning children issues arising on divorce or separation such as specific issue orders, prohibited step orders, parental responsibility orders, internal and external relocation applications and child arrangement orders.

Harwood Solicitors also assists clients with contact issues that may arise months or years after a divorce has been finalised.

These include cases where one parent wishes to move with the child to another country or another part of the UK.

It is better for both the children and parents if you can agree on any child custody issues that arise from divorce or separation. This is, however, not always possible during what is often an emotional time.

Whenever possible, the family law team at Harwood Solicitors work to avoid conflict and to reach agreeable solutions through negotiation.

If this is not possible, and as a last resort, it may be necessary for both parties to go through court proceedings. If this is the case, our expert family law team will give you the best legal advice and support you at every stage to get the very best solution for you and your children.

Areas of Specialism

  • Child Arrangements Order – who a child lives with and how much time they spend with the other parent including the type of contact
  • Preventing a parent from doing something – prohibited steps order
  • Requiring someone to do something – specific issue order
  • Legal rights and restricting those rights – parental responsibility
  • Children’s name – change of name
  • Children moving abroad or to another area of the country – international or national relocation
  • Child care proceedings
  • Social services intervention

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