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The need for specialist advice:

We understand how distressing a divorce or separation can be for you and your family.

Our highly experienced divorce solicitors pride themselves on their sympathetic and sensitive approach and will continue to support you throughout the process.

They will take into account all aspects of your situation, from children and property to financial arrangements.

Let our experience make yours that much easier:

The law stipulates only one ground for divorce – the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, which is evidenced by:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Adultery
  • Separation
  • Desertion.

Your dedicated divorce solicitor will work with you to build the best possible case to protect you and your interests.

What if something is wrong but I am not ready to get divorced?

We are still happy to meet with you to discuss what getting a divorce endures and if this is not the right thing for you at the present time then we have links with counsellors who will talk through your relationship problems and help you work out what is best for your future.

How long will it take to get divorced?

Most divorces take 5 – 6 months from the time when the Petition is lodged with the Court to when the Decree Absolute is pronounced by the Court. The time can vary a lot depending on how quickly you and your husband or wife deal with the paperwork and how busy the Court is. However sorting out the financial matters can take much longer than this.

Can I get the costs back from my husband/wife?

Costs Orders in family cases are rare. However it is possible for Costs Orders to be made in divorce proceedings particularly in cases where the Divorce Petition is based on Adultery or Unreasonable Behaviour.

Is there any alternative to divorce?

Judicial Separation is available but it is rare and it is usually only used if both parties have religious objections to divorce. Judicial Separation follows the same procedure as a divorce but at the end of it you are not free to re-marry. It simply means that you no longer have any legal duty to live together. If parties decide to divorce later then the procedure is the same for divorce as it does not make getting a divorce any easier or different and would instead result in increased legal costs.