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Domestic Violence

It can be difficult to leave a relationship, even an abusive one, due to commitments to children or financial reasons. If you’re in this you’ll be glad to know, Harwood Solicitors is here to help.

Domestic Violence can take a variety of forms – physical, emotional, financial or sexual. When it occurs it is necessary to prevent repeated occurrences. As well as directly affecting the parties involved it can have huge repercussions on surrounding family, friends, and children.

In certain cases, it is possible to apply to the Court for an injunction prohibiting someone from pestering, intimidating or behaving violently. It may also be possible to obtain a Court Order to have someone removed from a home or prevented from visiting it.

Depending on the case injunctions can be issued quickly on an emergency basis by court.

What is a Court Injunction?

An injunction is a court order that tells your former partner what they can or cannot do and which can provide for their arrest if the order is broken.

By applying for an injunction on your behalf, we can protect you and your children quickly. If necessary an order can be sought within hours of your first visit to our specialist team and your former partner doesn’t always have to be told in advance of your application to the court.

The court can make orders to stop violent and threatening behaviour towards you and your children. It can also remove your former partner from your home and prevent them from coming back.

We are experts in domestic violence law. By applying for an injunction on your behalf, we can protect you and your children quickly. It is an order that tells a person what they can or cannot do. The perpetrator can be arrested if he/she breaks the order.

The two types of court order injunctions are:

Non-molestation Order

As well as prohibiting harassment and intimidation, this stops violent and threatening behaviour towards you.

Occupation Order

This states who can live in a property and can remove the perpetrator from your home.

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