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Financial Settlements

Our Family Law Team can manage all aspects of the financial settlement relating to your divorce.  We will ensure, depending on your circumstances, that your wealth is protected and you will receive your fair share of the assets contained within the matrimonial pot.

How much are you entitled to?

  • The first thing people want to know when discussing financial settlements is how much they will be entitled to.This will all depend greatly on the circumstances of your marriage.For example, if you are a young couple without children who are parting ways after a few years together, your assets are likely to be split 50/50, with no provision for future maintenance required.

    However, a couple divorcing who have been married for more than 20 years, and have children, may be required to sell a family home, split pensions and shares, and work out both spousal and child maintenance payments before a financial settlement can be finalised.

    Our dedicated and friendly Family Law Team will ensure your best interests are taken care of in any financial / material settlement.  We know how painful and difficult it can be to fight the person you may still care for in order to gain a fair and reasonable settlement, which is why we will support you in a professional and compassionate manner at all times during negotiations with your ex-spouse.

    If parties having a divorce cannot agree on how to divide their finances on their own, they can apply to the Court, who will make the decision for them.  The Court’s decision is called a Financial Order.  We can advise you on enforcing a Financial Order, both in the UK and overseas.  Our expertise also extends to the difficult area of setting aside a financial order if you believe fraud, mistake, non-disclosure or undue influence may have caused the original decision to be made in the way that it was.

    If you require further information about financial settlements on divorce or civil partnership dissolution, please contact us today. Doing so couldn’t be easier, simply give us a call on 0800 205 5556 or allow a member of our team to get in touch with you by completing your details in the online enquiry form.