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Industrial Disease

Industrial disease claims can be a bit of a vague term but it basically refers to a group of illnesses that have been caused by an employees working environment. This may be the result of working in an unsafe practice or something that might cause an injury to develop over a period of time. It may also relate to the exposure of harmful chemicals or substances that your employer will have been liable for. Whatever the case may be, Harwood Solicitors have years of experience dealing with Industrial Disease claims and understand the problems that can be caused by negligent and unsafe working areas. We seek to find the best outcome for you and as a result of your injury you may not be able to return to work or do the same job you had before, so we help support you through the best options to find a solution going forward.

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The most common types of industrial disease claims in the UK include:

It is important that if you do feel as though you have developed an illness or medical condition through work that you seek medical advice as quickly as possible. If your GP confirms that your injuries or illness as a result of your working environment then you should contact Harwood Solicitors in order to get some legal advice and discuss any possible entitlement to benefits and compensation.

Here at Harwood Solicitors we understand that claiming against an employer can be a daunting experience, especially when the employer is a big company with strong legal representation. However if our solicitors can establish that the condition is most likely to have been work related then you may be entitled to claim because they have failed in taking reasonable care for your safety at work.

Our experienced Industrial Disease Team awaits your call so contact us now on 01254 505090 for no obligation advice. If we are satisfied as to the prospects of success of your claim based on the information you provide we can offer you a no win no fee approach so that you are protected and know we are working to secure the maximum compensation that you deserve.