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If you have been in an accident at work that has caused you injury, you may be entitled to compensation. At Harwood Solicitors we offer free consultation to people who have been involved in an accident at work and have subsequently sustained an injury.

We work on a No Win No Fee basis to recover compensation for work accident victims whether they were employed, self-employed or just visiting a business at the time of the accident.

UK employers have a duty of care to ensure that their work environment meets minimum safety standards. You may have been injured as you may not have received adequate training for your job or you may have been provided with faulty equipment to work. If you have sustained an injury that could have been prevented you can claim for compensation.

All Employers must have insurance cover for these types of accidents and injuries. If you do decide to claim for compensation for your injuries the employer is not allowed to treat you in a way that is different than if you had not claimed for the accident.

Agriculture or Farm Accidents

Harwood Solicitors deal with various types of agriculture compensation claims including in relation to the following:

  • Falls from Heights
  • Vibration illnesses
  • Back Injuries
  • Zoonoses (diseases which have been passed on from animals to humans
  • Accidents caused by heavy machinery
  • Animal Injuries

We have an expert team dedicated to assisting and specialising in claims of this nature.

Crush Injury Claims

Crush injuries that occur in accidents at work, can involve the following:

  • Where hand, arm or leg is drawn into unprotected, fenceless or ill handled machinery
  • In offices, warehouses where an accident has taken place involving equipment and operators
  • Heavy objects falling from heights
  • Sufficient or proper training wasn’t given to staff
  • Failure to provide safety equipment

A compensation can be awarded depending on the impact the injury has on your future or employment.

Malfunctioned Equipment at Work

Experiencing a workplace injury due to faulty equipment can have consequences and can leave you unable to do your job properly and can have various impacts on your personal future depending on the severity of the incident.

If you believe that you were injured by equipment at work that wasn’t maintained properly or that was faulty, Harwood Solicitors will fight for the best compensation for your injuries.

For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer specialising in farming and agriculture injury claims contact us today.

Dangerous Machinery Accident

Harwood Solicitors can help you get the maximum amount of compensation if you have been injured whilst working with or operating dangerous machinery in the workplace.

Accidents tend to take place when employees operate dangerous or heavy machinery without sufficient training or when the machinery provided is unsafe to use.

The consequences of such injuries could result in physical damage, both temporary and permanent and can also have many other implications which could affect your ability to work properly.

If you have been involved in an accident at work and feel that you were not at fault then contact Harwood Solicitors today.

Common Manual Handling Claims

These types of claims include accidents at work that involves lifting, pulling and pushing large or substantial number of items at work. These injuries can range in seriousness and depend on the usually cause damage to the upper half of the body.

Harwood Solicitors deal with Manual Handling claims – Please contact us for a free consultation.

Slip and Trip Claims

Slip and trips are some of the most common types of accidents that occur in workplaces. The injuries can range in severity and can range from having suffered sprains, broken bones and head injuries as a result of minor falls or injuries that are caused by more serious incidents like multiple physical injuries etc.

We have helped numerous people to secure slip at work compensation. If you are 18 and above, then our specialist team can advise you and help determine whether you are entitled to make an injury at work compensation claim.