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If you have suffered a personal injury whilst in a public place that was not your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation, contact us and we can get a compensation claim started today . We work on a no win no fee basis to ensure the financial risk is limited leaving you to focus on your recovery.
Accidents can occur at any time, even when you are in a public place, you could be shopping at the supermarket, you could be in a park or even on a street. Public bodies, businesses and shop owners have a duty of care to ensure the safety to the public as much as reasonable by minimising the risk of injuries.
An accident in a public place can lead to a variety of injuries, from small cuts and bruises, to broken bones and in the worst cases, permanent disabilities. If you have suffered a personal injury, legal help is available.

School Accident Claims

These are one of the most common children’s personal injury claims. Teachers, staff and other people working at the building can also make these claims.

The following list highlights a few of the issues our solicitors have come across:

  • Burns and scald injuries taken place in the school canteen
  • Falls from heights which can include other accidents which have taken place during PE and sports lessons
  • Slips and trips and falling on school grounds or in school buildings caused by spilt food or liquid, loose paving stones etc
  • RTA accidents that have taken place on the way to or back from school

School Accident Claims can be made if certain safety standards are not met and as a result someone is injured.

School Accident Claims must be made within three years from the date of the injury. In some cases, claims can be made outside the three-year limitation period, however minors have until three years after the age of 18 to make a claim.

Shops and Restaurants

Common reasons why injuries occur within a restaurant or on the grounds or car park of a restaurant  can include:

  • Burn injuries in the restaurant – spilled food or hot drinks can cause burn injuries
  • Poor lighting
  • Wet or greasy floors, where warning signs have not been placed to alert customers to the problem
  • Falling or tripping caused by obstruction on walking surfaces or poorly fitted floor coverings and carpets

If you believe you have been involved in an accident in a Shop or restaurant that wasn’t your fault, please do not hesitate to contact Harwood Solicitors, where we can discuss the accident and advise depending on the extent of your injuries.

Road and Pavement Defect Claims

Road and Pavement defects can be very common even thought the council regularly monitor and repair. Defects such as potholes, uneven surfaces and cleanliness issues can pose a danger to the public.

Accidents that have been sustained due to this can leave impacts such as severe sprains and even broken bones. These could sometimes mean that victims have to undergo surgery or have to resort to other medical care.

A compensation claim handled by one of our experts will result in the best outcome for your case. This will usually be based on how severe your injuries are. The compensation should  help cover any loss of finances as well as an on-going private medical treatments.