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Medical Negligence – What You Need to Know

Medical negligence claims, also known as clinical negligence claims, have risen in recent years and if you have suffered an injury as a result of unsatisfactory care then you might be eligible to make a claim. If you have suffered due to clinical negligence, whether it be private or through the NHS, Harwood Solicitors are here to help.

In order for a claim of medical/clinical negligence to be successful you, as the Claimant, must prove two things. The first is that the healthcare professional was at fault and therefore breached their duty of care in failing to treat you in the way you would hope to be treated. You must also prove that this fault/failure is what has put you in the position you are now. This is also called ‘causation’.
Our skilled team of medical negligence solicitors appreciate that carrying out a claim against an organisation such as the NHS or a private hospital can be a very intimidating idea, especially after you have already been through an unpleasant experience. You expect to be treated competently and place all your trust in a health professional, but when that trust has been misplaced and you are the victim of clinical negligence, you deserve justice.

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Medical Negligence – Time Limits for Bringing a Claim

You are usually required to make a claim within 3 years of the date of your injury or 3 years from the date you first discovered that your injury was the result of clinical/medical negligence. It is vital therefore that you seek advice as soon as possible after you suffer your injury or become aware of it.

We will investigate the nature of the issue and advise you comprehensively of the options available and what compensation you could be entitled to. We will guide you through the process as quickly and painstakingly as possible to ensure a prompt solution to your problems.
You need an expert team of medical negligence solicitors like Harwood Solicitors when a mistake due to an accident, incompetence or lack of judgment occurs against you. We are a very sympathetic and sensitive group that go that extra mile to put an end to your suffering and achieve a positive outcome.
The impact of malpractice can be huge not only to our clients, but also to their families and although mistakes are made in every industry, medical negligence can have serious ramifications on your mental and physical health.
The types of medical claims we deal with are:

Every claim is dealt with equally and we handle your case in a compassionate manner by listening carefully to what has happened and what you hope to get out of your claim. We provide you with tailored legal advice and offer the best path forward. Contact our team now on 01254 505090 for a free consultation and impartial advice.