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Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

As most of us are aware cancer develops through various stages and catching it as early as possible is extremely important and can have a significant impact on the patient’s prognosis. Whilst a delay of a few weeks or months will not normally make a difference this is not always the case and the longer the delay the more likely that the effect is a serious one.

Delayed diagnosis of cancer can happen for the following reasons:

  • Investigations were inadequate
  • Tissue samples and smears were wrongly interpreted
  • X-rays and scans were not interpreted correctly

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and this diagnosis was delayed then you could be entitled to substantial sums in compensation and so we would highly recommend you contact our team for urgent legal advice.

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Incorrect Diagnosis of Cancer

When a diagnosis of cancer is given this can have a serious impact of both the individual and those around them.

In cases where this diagnosis has been given incorrectly it can mean that unnecessary medical procedures are carried out. In some, the reaction to the belief that they are terminally ill can be severe and psychological and have a significant long term impact on their wellbeing. In these situations Harwood Solicitors would do our best to recover compensation for you.